Maurice Vue Par Vashist Seegobin

L’île Maurice dynamique, colorée, sportive c'est celle que nous découvrons aujourd'hui grâce à ce jeune homme sportif, amateur de sensations et talentueux. Lui qui dit que son île est le meilleur endroit au monde pour vivre, nous offre un très beau voyage. Merci! Je lui laisse les mots et les images, l'évasion c'est maintenant!

Hello everyone, am Vashist Seegobin, living in the south east of Mauritius. I am 20 years old, student at the University of Mauritius, and living my passion. I consider myself as someone with a very different perspective of living and having a very hectic life compared to most of my friends and being on an incredible journey to learn the value of being nowhere.
I do lots of sports such as Kitesurfing and mountain biking. I go mountain climbing and hiking in forest very often. I jump and dive from waterfalls and cliffs, scuba dive, kayaking and stuff like that. Beyond my extreme sports life, I am a creative person and get inspired in every little details.

For me, Mauritius is one of the best place on earth to be. WE LIVE ON AN ISLAND!!!
There is so much to discover.

Always armed with my gopro and my DSLR, I travelled and capture each and every moment of my epic adventures. I do videography and photography being my passion. So I make videos which I then upload on youtube and share on my facebook page together with my photos. All happening in Mauritius!!!

''Behind each and every picture,
Discovering the undiscoverable,
Hides a story that cannot be priced.'' - Vashist Seegobin

My passion, my motivation and my philosophy of living will take me to the most inspiring places on earth. I want to live the life I've always imagined and I will. Going to those secret spots makes you wonder how life can be amazing. Things taken for granted are those that worth the more. Getting to understand the different perspectives of life is only the beginning of a mind changing asset. I firmly believe that dreams are meant to be lived. On this Journey I shall Be.

His Youtube channel: Vashist Seegobin

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