Les blogueuses Mauriciennes à l'honneur

Aujourd'hui je suis heureuse de vous présenter des jeunes femmes passionnées! Elles sont Mauriciennes, elles ont choisi de partager leur univers, leur passion dans un blog. Je sais à quel point ces partages prennent du temps mais aussi offrent de belles émotions, des rencontres et  surtout du partage. Alors voilà pour vous des blogs à découvrir! Des livres, un art de vivre, des adresses, de la gourmandise, des recettes... Elles partagent avec créativité et talent alors voilà les incontournables blogueuses Mauriciennes! Et pour les suivre #zolibloguettes 

Lovely Brunette  Par Tasha
Lovely Brunette evokes the beauty of island living through a feminine eye, with a touch of design. This theme can be seen within the blog layout itself, tropical with bright and colourful visuals. 
The blog discovers 
what Mauritius has to offer, through culinary experiences, talented artisans and locally handmade products. I have also created 'Creative Ladypreneur', a section of the blog dedicated to the girl boss movement, where I share tips and personal experiences on how to motivate ourselves,
pursuing what we are passionate about.

I hope that the blog will evolve into a beautiful community that celebrates woman, their uniqueness and creativity. Lovely brunette is defined by my character, a girl in her late 20s chasing her dreams and making it happen...in flip flops!
Blog: http://thelovelybrunette.blogspot.com

Of Stacks and Cups  Par Soudha
I originally created Of Stacks and Cups with the view of building a little online nook for book lovers just like me. My blog has since then evolved in a platform where not only do I get to discuss about the books I’ve read with fellow book enthusiasts but where I also showcase and promote the various books and authors that come my way. I’m also quite the tea lover so occasionally, you might also see pictures of books and tea pop up in my posts. I mean, books and tea are definitely two things that were made to be enjoyed together ^^. In fact, that’s actually where the name of my blog comes from. ‘Of Stacks and Cups’, as in book stacks and tea cups!
The link to my blog: https://ofstacksandcups.blogspot.com/

Summer Love  Par Urvashi 
Hi everyone, I'm Urvashi the author and editor of "Summer Love".
My blog is a hobby for me, a way to exploit my ideas and share the things I love. I found beauty and style posts really entertaining and this is what inspired me to start my own blog. 
I post about style, beauty, monthly favorites, hauls, places around Mauritius and food. Most of the products and clothes that I share on the blog are available in Mauritius. I try to do reviews of products that would come in most handy to my readers. I started blogging only last year. I'm really loving my blog and I hope so do my readers.

The link to the blog: http://summerloveunr.blogspot.com/

The Cake Architect  Par Zahra
The Cake Architect is a food blog which focuses on baking. When I began blogging I decided that I wanted to make The Cake Architect stand out. Unlike a lot of healthy food blogs, my blog posts centralise on mostly sweet, yummy and delicious desserts. I also love sharing all aspects of my baking adventures with my readers. The Cake Architect aims to satisfy sweet cravings just by visiting the blog.
Blog link: https://thecakearchitect.wordpress.com/ 

Peachy Tales  Par Anoushka
Peachy Tales is all about bringing you closer to home with amazing Mauritian recipes. All about reviving the old, authentic and traditional recipes from GrandMas and Mums! A blog that reminisces the sweet memories of childhood and fondest time spent with families.
Blog link: http://peachytales.com

Mademoiselle Nomad Par Béa 
Beatrice Chan is a tropical island girl from Mauritius who left to gallivant at the age of 21. She is currently a digital nomad and blogs full-time. She is a petite girl with big dreams that she turns into reality one step at a time. When she is not working, she is taking afternoon naps, enjoying a cup of tea and reading, soaking her feet in the ocean or cooking/eating a decadent meal with friends and family.

About the blog:
It is a travel blog with a focus on slow travel and sophisticated nomadic living. This blog tells about the experiences of a solo female traveller, sometimes a foreigner living in a country for many years at a time, other times spending a couple of days or weeks in one country. The blog aims to inspire others to do the same, no matter where they are from, what their income is and who they are. It is to provide inspiration to everyone that you can design a life you love.
Link to the blog: http://mademoisellenomad.com

Viragoattitude Par Dishina 
I am Dishina Woodhoo, 26 years old, Human Resources professional and lifecoach. I started blogging during a very hard patch of my life, where I lost my mentor. Following which i nearly fell into depression but I was blessed by the grace of being pregnant shortly after. Since my pregnancy was quite hard I took leave from the world of work and stayed home to make the most of it. This is where my blogging experience deepened. 

I blog about inner strength which is derived from the word "virago". Mostly about empowering woman and in general, every individuals. the blog is about motivation, moral boost and coaching. I write in reference to personal and professional experiences. I have also started to empower small and medium enterprises, especially with a woman as a leader. But as you may see my blog is at a starting phase.

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