Maurice Vue Par Philippe Donnyfer

Du talent, une vision de Maurice empreinte d'une grande sensibilité, des couleurs pétillantes, du Noir et Blanc pour beaucoup d'émotion. Maurice Vue Par la rubrique qui vous permet de découvrir l'île Maurice de talentueux photographes. Aujourd'hui encore un merveilleux voyage. Merci!

For me it's a great pleasure to share what I do with the fans of the blog and the general public, photos made in Mauritius and Rodrigues.

I am Donnyfer Philippe, photographer based in Mauritius for the time being. 

I developed an attraction and love for the field by curiosity nearly a decade back, all started with the first camera mobile phone as at that time I wasn't able to acquire a camera. 
Years passed, I've evolved with time. I've kept the passion burning, I've learnt a lot from people from numerous places around the globe through sharing, exchanges and active learning sessions etc. Today I perform as freelance photographer and entrepreneur. I am a real fan of nature and attractive landscapes. I will travel miles night and days to reach a spot then adjusting everything to capture the moment. For me photography is quite new I must say as I am learning everyday.

Photography helped me to better respect and appreciate the world in which we live and also to develop patience , lots of patience as I am obsessed with long exposures.

With photography I've been in lots of places, met lots of people, heard lots of stories, witnessed the magic of nature and so on.
It is a gateway for me to unleash my creativity and share my passion, my thoughts and emotions in an artwork.

I am also involved in portraiture and a wide variety of photography services which I perform on professional basis. I welcome you to contact me on my mail address to have an idea about my works and portfolio and further discussion:

La page facebook pour le suivre c'est ici!

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  1. Congratulations! I have nominated your for the Liebster Award! A blog award created to recognize and discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere. Here are the rules and my questions to you:

    1. Merci Lovely Brunette! J'ai déjà éte nominée plusieurs fois pour ce Liebster Award, je te remercie d'avoir pensé à moi.

  2. Les photos sont simplement sublimes ! :=)


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