Maurice Vue Par Ravi Bhaugmoneea

L'île Maurice inspire, ses couleurs sont une source inépuisable pour les photographes. Aujourd'hui je vous emmène dans l'univers de Ravi qui nous transporte au coeur des nuances de son île, il affections les jeux de lumière, le soleil avec ses rayons dorés qui subliment les paysages. Un voyage qui fait du bien, et qui révèle les beautés de scènes capturées avec talent. Merci pour ce beau partage et n'hésitez pas à faire connaître ces talents mauriciens.

Brief introduction of myself, I am Ravi Bhaugmoneea and work as Web Designer. My ambition from the very first day I held a DLSR camera was to mature a unique style of landscape photography by capturing distinctive moments gifted by mother nature.

I bought my first DLSR in 2010 and started to point and shoot. My aim was to develop various techniques and approaches to make each composition, reveals its own attractiveness. This journey made photography my new found passion and pushed myself into signing up for an online photography course to professionalizing the quality of my photos. At the same time, some very experienced photographers like Daniel Cheong, Karl Taylor and Elia Locardi inspired and drove me to gear myself with a full frame Nikon D810.

That’s where the real fun began, in late 2015! Mostly every weekend, I would be out on the road to capture amazing sunrise and sunsets. My understanding of the rays of the sun is that it can beautify a scene and this aspect has made sunsets my favorite snaps. I always have the tendency to shoot from different locations, angles and foreground subjects during the golden time of days and try to infuse the elements to produce breathtaking landscape photos of my beautiful Mauritius.

For me, it’s all about revealing the emotions, feelings and moods of this paradise island through the art of photography.

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