Maurice Vue Par Vish Bhamee

Un photographe passionné nous rejoint dans cette rubrique Maurice Vue Par! Welcome and thanks! Les mystères et beautés de l'île, des instants saisis au vol, un photographe de la vie. Un jeune Mauricien plein de talent qui partage sa passion, son art de vivre!

Fascinated by the magic of photography since my very young age, I am proud to say that being a photographer today is what I love the most. My name is Yogesh Vish Bhamee, Graphic Designer and Photographer, with the dream to explore the world and show others through my photos.

When I started photography in 2010, I didn’t have my own DSLR to shoot. I only had a point and shoot camera. Later I found that I was limited with the options that the point and shoot had. Then I took the help of a friend, Anitesh, who lives nearby my house. He owned a DSLR and since we were best friends, he allowed me to use his DSLR for some times. Then I increased my photography skills and thus became a photography lover.

When I got my DSLR, I started my struggle to realise my dream. On discovering the group PAPM (Photographe Amateurs et Pros Mauriciens) in 2014, I was inspired by photographers like Jacques Icard, Bhanu Gujadhur and Alexis Palliot. I must specially thank Jacques Icard and Luvish Chenadoo for helping me in my works.

Photography for me is like a daily lesson as I learn something new every day. I like to try different types of concept. Photography is a way to unlimited facets. It is the photographer who decides what he or she wants to show the world. Of all types of photography, I mostly love landscape and wild life. But I also have a little attraction to wedding shoots.

Going out, exploring our little island, capturing moments you will probably never get again, talking to numerous people and listening to their stories, this is the real pleasure of life. Mauritius is full of mysteries and beauty. Exploring our little island is a must if you wish to know all the histories it confines. I like every single day of my life to be exciting, exploring places in Mauritius that I have not yet seen.  That’s all from me.
I hope my photos will please you and I’ll end with some of my own words.

“Nobody wants to live a life repeating the same things over and over again daily. Your life is full of mysteries. Explore around you, you’ll see the world is different when you look at it with a new eye.” – Yogesh Vish Bhamee

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