Maurice Vue Par Yash Purushotam

Couleurs subtiles, dégradés de rêve et nuances, voilà l'île Maurice que le jeune photographe Yash Purushotam partage avec nous! Evasion au pays des couleurs!

I am Yash Purushotam, 27 years of age. I have an MBA In Marketing and work in as Website Administrator in a prestigious retail store in Mauritius. I am a freelance photographer.

My aim is to be one of the best photographer in Mauritius within the next few years and I am gradually reaching that aim.

Interested in photography for several years – started with point and shoot camera- visited interesting and not well-known places in Mauritius and made a blog to showcase the beauty of our island, link here!
Which is a blog containing various places in Mauritius! My trip! My adventure!

I founded a group on Facebook: Mauritius Photography, clic here!  

I started by sharing my adventures and people liked it, they became aware of the beauty of Mauritius, of places they didn’t know. Gradually, month and years passed by...and I am proud to say that today my group Mauritius Photography has become the largest Photography Group in Mauritius with over 15,000 people. And any people can post their photos in it!

Photography started as a passion and adventure! Landscape was my initial stage in photography! Learned about angle and composition by myself.

Eventually bought a DSLR and started learning photography from professionals- acquired certificate in photography. Learned to manipulate photo editing and video editing. Bought more equipments to cope with the need of a photography!

What started as a passion soon became a part-time job! Started taking contracts for photos as seen in Portfolio.
I am also interested in Video graphy and more to come on it later this year.
Portraiture, Landscape, Night photography and Event photography are my favorite themes!

I don’t have a particular technique. I adapt to the needs of the location, the lighting, the people. All these determines what technique I use. However, one important thing which I recommend aspiring photographers are to use RAW images when taking photos!
You can visit my facebook page to view my work and feel free to contact me here!  

Merci pour cette évasion. Et n'hésitez pas à parcourir les liens pour en découvrir encore plus sur ce photographe ambitieux.
Maurice Vue Par nous permet d'avoir, grâce à de très belles photos une vision très large de toutes les facettes de Maurice et je suis infiniment reconnaissante à tous ces talents pour leur partage.

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